Perspectum Diagnostics

Perspectum Diagnostics are an innovative healthcare company who have developed a non-invasive medical imaging software tool ‘LiverMultiScan’.

Perspectum Diagnostics have developed a non-invasive medical imaging software tool called ‘LiverMultiScan’. Combined with an MRI, LiverMultiScan can be used as part of the diagnostic pathway for patients with chronic liver disease, offering a safe, non-invasive alternative to traditional liver testing methods, such as biopsies.

“Oxford Innovation will always be a benefit to businesses. They are resourceful, knowledgeable and dynamic. Their extended network is invaluable in terms of finding credible partners and providing us with market critical information. Oxford Innovation has played an important role in our success”

Rajarshi Banerjee, Co-Founder and CEO

Oxford Innovation supported Perspectum Diagnostics to develop international partnerships and secure €6.1million of funding for new product development and clinical tests. Since first connecting with Oxford Innovation two years ago, Perspectum has more than tripled its headcount and opened two new US offices.


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