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Inova Design Solutions

BodyTrak is a product that monitors core body temperature and hydration levels in an accurate, continuous and non-invasive way.

The seeds for Inova were planted ten years ago, following the founder Leon Marsh’s Design Engineering degree at Brunel University. BodyTrak™, the product he created, bypasses the usual unpleasant suppository-type solutions to the problem and uses a small, lightweight ear-piece to take its measurements. As the obviously preferable option, this began to attract interest from many sources, but Leon still lacked a convincing business plan. Leon was assigned a solutions manager, whose decade of experience fundraising for SMEs was immediately put into practice helping Inova develop a focused business plan to pitch to investors. Interest quickly grew and Leon has secured seed investment as well as two sizeable grants in as many years.

“As a product designer my main motivation is to create solutions to meet users’ needs. Through working with Richard and Business Growth Service (GrowthAccelerator) we laid the right foundations by developing a business plan which has gone on to help me raise the necessary funding to take my product from shed to shelf.”

Leon Marsh, Founder & CEO

Feedback at this stage led to BodyTrak™ being further expanded, and the product now contains the ability to measure heart rate, user motion and footfall and to deliver statistical feedback to the user. This has further opened up the device’s market potential, and it is currently gaining interest from areas as diverse as the MoD and Formula 1™ for the end users.

Inova has seen a 900% increase in revenue in two years. Further, the amount of grant funding Leon has secured since his work with Richard has gone from £8,000 in 2013/4 to £93,000 in 2014/15, and has more than doubled again in the current financial year.

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