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Obesity epidemic leads to innovative training tool.

Bariquins produce bariatric (obese) mannequins for organisations that train people in safely lifting and handling larger individuals. Despite weighing 25 stone (that's 350lb or 159kg) one person can lift them! This makes a Bariquin the ideal tool for emergency personnel, healthcare professionals and those in similar occupations, to train in manoeuvring the plus-size person safely, efficiently and with dignity.

Bariquins are a unique company, being the only provider of mannequins this weight that allow individual trainers to set up scenarios wherever training with realistic heavy models is required. For one person to carry a Bariquin, the mannequin splits into 15 weighted sections, plus a jacket and realistic looking head, hands and feet. With the largest sections weighing only 16kg (that’s less than a flight suitcase), and handles fitted to all the heavier parts, a trainer can easily set up a Bariquin in less than 10 minutes.


"Bariquins have a great foundation following Oxford Innovation’s assistance. The belief in Bariquins has encouraged the appointment of our Non-Executive Director who will help us achieve our ambitions."

Chris Jarratt - Managing Director, Bariquins

After winning an Oxford Innovation competition for entrepreneurs and start-ups in Stockport in 2015, Bariquins received a free office at Stockport Business and Innovation Centre (SBIC) as part of the winner’s prize. As an occupant of the centre, Bariquins benefited from considerable advice, support and confidence-building from the on-site Innovation Director, Tony Corcoran and the Centre team. Initially Bariquins was assisted throughout its prototype and product development, with useful contacts and support. Further advice was given for Bariquins attending their first exhibition. Chris Jarratt, Managing Director of Bariquins said “Tony has been important to our development. His advice on exhibiting led to our first ever sales to a fire and rescue training centre.”

As a resident of the SBIC, Bariquins has benefited from the environment of advice, support and confidence-building at the start of its commercial journey. It is a journey that holds the ambition for exporting 25 stone mannequins, and preventing accidents and bad backs, around the world.

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