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Oxford Innovation BUSINESS COMPETITION 2017
Rules, Terms and Conditions


  1. The Oxford Innovation  Competition ("the Competition") is open to any business registered in the UK on or before 1st May 2017.


  2. The Organiser reserves the right to refuse to accept the entry of any business that it believes does not meet the eligibility criteria, objectives and rules of the Competition.

  3. The Competition will be open to entries from the published date to midnight on 14th August 2017.  No entries received after that date shall have automatic right of entry into the Competition but the Organiser has the right to admit entries received after this date in exceptional circumstances.

  4. The Prize Fund is as stated and no alternatives are available.

  5. The Prize Fund will be made available to the winning business to pursue its commercial objectives. The Prize Fund will not be made available for the personal use of individuals not involved with the ongoing establishment and development of the business described in the winning entry or entries.

   6. The judges reserve the right to award the Prize Fund to a single overall winner of the Competition or to decide to split the Prize Fund between a winner, 2 runners-up and the Finalists. In the latter case, the Organiser of the Competition will have final say on how the prize fund is divided.

   7. Entries to the Competition must be made in the required form using the details provided on the website www.ignitecornwall.com. No proof of dispatch shall be deemed evidence of receipt.

   8. Entry into the Competition is through the submission of a 3 minute video pitch via the web site or by USB stick (video format to be defined) together with a 250 word summary of the business proposition and all entries received shall be deemed to be made in accordance with, and in acceptance of, these rules in full and without exception.

   9. The Organiser reserves the right to publicise the Competition through normal media channels, in all forms, for the duration of the Competition and for a period of 12 months thereafter. No confidential details shall be used in publicity material without the permission of any and all third parties mentioned therein.


  10. The Organisers undertake to use all reasonable efforts to secure the confidentiality of information supplied by those entering the Competition within the framework of the Competition itself. Information supplied in submissions to the Competition, including that contained in communications and in Pitches and Business Plans, will only be made available to parties directly involved in the assessment of those plans with a view to judging their quality and selecting finalists, winners and, if applicable, runners-up. 

 11. Each person entering the Competition accepts and retains responsibility for the confidential nature of the information supplied. In supplying this information to the Competition it is accepted that this information will be made available to persons over whom the Organisers have no direct legal authority but to whom it is supplied for the purposes of the Competition only.

 12. The Organisers can accept no responsibility for the security of the information supplied to it other than as stated within these rules.

Prize Fund - General

 13. Access to the Prize Fund is given solely at the discretion of the Organiser.

 14. The components of the Prize Fund have been committed by the sponsoring organisations detailed below and responsibility for the delivery of the individual elements rests with the organisation concerned. The Organiser undertakes to use all reasonable efforts to ensure that commitments in this respect are adhered to by these organisations.

 15. The Prize Fund will be made available following the announcement of the winner(s) but shall be delivered according to the individual terms and conditions detailed below.

Judging and Judges Decision

 16. The appointment of the judging panels is the sole responsibility of the Organiser. The panel members are employees of Oxford Innovation.

 17. The Organiser is NOT involved in the assessment of individual entries but may offer general guidance and clarification to the judging panels.

 18.  The panel will use their business experience and skills to assess the entries and to select between 8 and 12 finalists who will be invited to submit a business plan. The judging panel will assess business ideas and strategies as well as the clarity, completeness and style of the formal written business plan. They will be looking for innovative businesses that promise to develop into successful, sustainable and profitable commercial organisations and which will benefit local and regional economies.

 19.  The decision of the judging panel is final. The judges will not be required to make public the reasons for their decisions or to provide feedback on any individual entry or to any particular individual. 

20. All enquiries and questions should be addressed to the Organiser and direct contact with the judges is discouraged.


21.  By entering the Competition, the winners and finalists agree to the possible inclusion of their business in any media coverage by the Organiser and the Sponsors, such as press releases or publications. Approval of content will be sought before publication. 

Prize Fund – Cash Grant and Coaching from Oxford Innovation

1.  1st prize: 30 hours of professional coaching support from specialists at Oxford Innovation, introductions to investors, potential for SEIS/EIS investment and incubation support.

2. 2nd prize: 20 hours of professional coaching support from specialists at Oxford Innovation, introductions to investors, potential for SEIS/EIS investment and incubation support.

3. 3rd prize: 10 hours of professional coaching support from specialists at Oxford Innovation, investment readiness support, Introductions to investors, potential for SEIS/EIS investment and incubation support.